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Absolent A•line Oil Smoke Collectors

With A•line, you get a versatile filter that is adaptable to your needs.

A unique filter which is equally suitable for small tough machines, as it is for machines that generate a moderate amount of oil mist into the factory. With A•line, you’re equipped for the future. Even if you change the coolant, cutting speed or coolant pressure in the machine, A•line handles the task anyway. It also has a very smart monitoring equipment attached to it that allows you get the right amount of air precisely where and when you need it. Our smartest filters yet.

If you’re looking to reduce emissions in your facility, increase productivity while reducing hazards
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Why use an Absolent Oil-Smoke Filter?

  • Oil smoke is hazardous to your health.
  • Oil smoke causes slippery floors and collects dust on machines and walls.
  • Oil smoke can lead to coating in ventilation ducts, a potential fire risk.
  • Oil smoke can lead to coating in heat exchangers, reducing the efficiency of heat recovery.
  • The cutting oil which drains from the filter can be reused.
  • The amount of oil smoke polluted air discharged must not exceed the prescribed limits.

Absolent A•line Oil Smoke Filters

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