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Absolent Mist Collectors
99.97% mist / smoke capture efficiency

Absolent systems feature long service intervals, heavy duty construction, low operational costs, and low noise levels. They are designed to handle the worst environments all day, every day.

Machining operations often produce oil mist that settles on floors creating serious fall hazards. Recently we helped a local Minneapolis medical device manufacturer upgrade their inefficient mist collectors to Absolent ultra-efficient mist collectors. Air quality testing demonstrated that the ambient oil mist was reduced by 90% which translated hazardous slippery floors to a stable safe workplace environment.

Ultra-efficient Absolent mist collection:

  • Significantly reduces fall hazards
  • Reduces airborne health hazards to employees
  • Saves maintenance dollars because Absolent filter life is guaranteed a minimum 12 months, 90% of users
  • Report 2-4 year filter life with NO maintenance between filter changes
  • Greatly improves HVAC performance since contamination of filters & A/C coils is reduced
  • Contamination of testing (microscopes etc) & costly electrical equipment is reduced as well

If you’re looking to reduce emissions in your facility, increase productivity while reducing hazards
contact us for free TSI air quality testing report.

Guaranteed performance

No maintenance for 1 – 3 years on most applications

Guaranteed efficiencies

0.5 mg/m3 from the exhaust of the collector

Several configurations

Portable, machine mount, stand alone and central systems

Absolent A.Mist 20

Why use Absolent Oil-Mist Collectors?

  • Absolent‘s oil-mist filter was developed in order to guarantee a high separating efficiency, which does not deteriorate even over long periods of operation.
  • The filters have been designed to comply with future OSHA requirements, rather than present day requirements, and is therefore a wise investment.
  • The filter cassettes have a very long operating life, up to five years, in order to minimize servicing and maintenance costs.
  • The filter cassettes’ unique properties ensure very low power consumption.
  • The filters can run continuously 24 hours a day.
  • The filters are based on a modular design, which makes it possible to provide customized solutions ranging from single units to large central operations. Capable of continuous operation.
  • Long periods of operation without the need for servicing.
  • The purified air can often be recirculated to the premises.
  • Much higher rate of recovery of machining oil and/or coolant mist.
  • Washable pre-filters.
  • Low noise level.
  • No vibration issues.

Absolent Oil Mist Filters

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Oil Mist Filter

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A•mist10C Oil Mist Filter


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A•mist10 Oil Mist Filter


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A•mist20 Oil Mist Filter


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A•mist40t Oil Mist Filter


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A•mist40tf Oil Mist Filter


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A•mist80t Oil Mist Filter


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A•mist80tf Oil Mist Filter


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A•mist80c Oil Mist Filter


Oil Mist Filter

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