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Customer Case Study

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Medical Device Company –

The installation of Absolent Mist Collectors to replace competitor mist collectors in medical device manufacturer’s 70 swiss machines area reduced airborne machining coolant contaminants by 95% as measured with TSI air quality monitor.

We conducted air quality readings in the facility before the recent Absolent installation & after using a TSI 8534 monitor, the results are below:

Ambient airborne oil mist reading in the swiss machining area using previous competitor mist collectors was 1.073 milligram/cu. meter (mg/m3)
Ambient airborne oil mist reading in the same swiss machining area after Absolent installation is now 0.055 (mg/m3)

1.073 – 0.055 = 1.018 mg /m3 reduction
1.018 (reduction) / 1.073 (starting mist level) = 95% ambient oil mist reduction after replacing competitor mist collectors with Absolent ultra-efficient mist collectors

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