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For over 30 years, Ver-tech Air Quality has been selling and servicing air filtration products that make the air we breathe healthier.

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Ver-tech Air Quality specializes in Mist Collection for the medical device machining industries. Providing industrial dust, fume and mist collection solutions since 1970. Ver-tech offers a complete line of air cleaning and air pollution control equipment, services, and replacement filters and parts.

Ver-tech Air Quality has successfully worked in a variety of facilities across the Upper Midwest including medical device manufacturing, manufacturing plants, woodworking, welding shops, casinos, and commercial buildings to create healthier environments by designing site-specific air cleaning systems.

Recent Client Successes

Minneapolis Medical Device Machining Facility

Recently we installed Absolents at a local Minneapolis medical device machining facility, we used a TSI air quality monitor in their facility before & after using a TSI monitor, the results are below:

• Ambient oil mist reading in the L20 area before Absolent installation (competitor’s mist collectors) 1.073 milligram/cu. meter (mg/m3) 6/13/2016
• Ambient oil mist reading in the L20 area after Absolent installation 0.055 mg/m3 2/2/2017

• 1.073 – 0.055 = 1.018 mg /m3 reduction
• 1.018 (reduction) / 1.073 (starting mist level) = 95% ambient oil mist reduction in the L20 swiss machining area after replacing competitor mist collectors with Absolent mist collectors

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